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Card Leather Strong Abrasion Resistance

Tanhooo Leather Products Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

The classification of Card Leather is quite complex. According to the tanning method, can include chrome tanning Card Leather, vegetable tanning Card Leather, oil tanning Card Leather, aldehyde tanning Card Leather and combined tanning Card Leather. According to the level, there is the first layer of Card Leather and two layers of Card Leather, of which the first layer of Card Leather has full grain Card Leather and shaving Card Leather, the second layer of Card Leather and pig two layer Card Leather and two layers of cattle Card Leather.

In addition to the above classification method, because of the variety of Card Leather materials, generally we are more accustomed to classification according to its type. Mainly divided into natural Card Leather and substitute Card Leather two kinds. Natural Card Leather, which we call "genuine Card Leather", is mostly made up of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, miscellaneous skin, shaving Card Leather, among them, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are three main skins of tanning materials. Substitute Card Leather, which we call "false skin", is a general term for man-made materials such as PVC and PU. Because synthetic Card Leather or other like dermis, the actual production of basic chemical raw materials artificially synthesized products.

The abrasion resistance of Card Leather is the characteristic of resisting wear of Card Leather. Card Leather wear is an important cause of Card Leather damage. Although the wear fastness of Card Leather has not yet been assessed as a national standard, the abrasion resistance test of Card Leather is still an indispensable measure of its quality, and it is very important to evaluate the fastness of Card Leather.

There are two methods to judge the wear-resisting property of Card Leather, namely, the endpoint method and the appearance change method.

End method: Grinding to L mm Card Leather required to rotate the number of wear-resistant thickness index, note the number of friction rotation as a wear-resistant index.

Appearance Change method: Test sample After a certain number of friction, observe its appearance changes, such as color change, wear degree, such as the degree of appearance change as a wear-resistant index.