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Pen Leather To Maintain Good

Tanhooo Leather Products Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

1. Cleaning class Pen Leather Nursing material

All Pen Leather cleaners can be classified into two main categories, that is, water-based and oily, its main decontamination components from surfactants or solvents, strict significance of the cleaning of Pen Leather for the requirements of surfactants relative cloth to be more stringent, that is, to maintain good decontamination and not excessive degreasing, corresponding to the ph value also has strict restrictions, Therefore, in the case of selective use of special cleaning agent. Good brand Pen Leather cleaning class not only does not hurt Pen Leather, in the efficient and rapid removal of oil pollution can also care for Pen Leather.

2, add fat type of Pen Leather nursing material

The principle of fatliquor is to inject new grease into the interior of the Pen Leather, to form an oil film covering the surface of the intradermal fiber, so that the friction between the inner fibers of the Pen Leather is reduced and the Pen Leather becomes very soft.

3. Color type Pen Leather Nursing material

Color type Pen Leather care material is divided into infiltration type and covering type. Infiltration is the pigment molecule in the interior of the interaction, the main cover is to remove the original Pen Leather coating, improve the condition of the Pen Leather, and then spray paint coating.

4. Wound ointment

The purpose of the repair ointment is to fill the defects of the place to repair, similar to the "scraping putty" principle, only the repair ointment to have a certain degree of elongation and elasticity, so that it conforms to the Pen Leather characteristics.

5, resin, film forming Agent

Resin film-forming agent can be understood as a binder, the necessary substances through the resin adhesion to the skin plate. Resin for its performance requirements are more stringent, such as extensibility, hardness, tensile strength, weatherability and other aspects have strict requirements.

6. Extinction Agent

Extinction agent from the name can be understood, is to reduce the gloss and design, so that the surface of the surface is uneven, the use of optical principles, the formation of diffuse reflection in order to reduce the visual luster.

7, Brightener

The exact formulation of the Brightener should be the top-coated light oil, according to disperse medium can be divided into emulsion type and oil-soluble type, water-based more environmentally friendly, but oil-soluble luster and feel better than water, whether from leveling and physical properties are better than water-based varnish, it is still irreplaceable.